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From: Marc Goldman Monday, 10:33 a.m.

Dear Friend,

Jason almost jumped out of his chair when the first email arrived. His hand was trembling as he moved his mouse to open the email. "You've made a commission of $19.40!" the email said. But it didn't stop there. For the rest of the day, the computer kept going "Ding dong!" "Ding dong!" as new emails arrived non-stop, one after another. And with each incoming email, Jason was $19.40 richer.

72 Hours Later, This 19-Year-Old Kid Had Made Over $2,000.00 While Sitting at Home

And after figuring his expenses (which wasn't much more than pocket change in the first place), over $1,978.67 of this amount was PURE PROFIT. Here's a scan of Jason's bank statement showing the $2,000 Jason made in less than 3 days...

On His VERY FIRST TRY of the Simple Step-by-Step Moneymaking System I'm About to Show You!

(Jason Cox, a 19-year-old kid from New Mexico, made over  $2,000 in 3 days... the very first time he tried the simple business system I'm about to show you.)

But that's just the beginning! Over the next two months, Jason made over $28,205.95 in sales... and before he knew it, he had raked in...

Over $17,730.50 in Pure, Take-That-To-The-Bank Profit -- While Working Only a Few Hours a Week, and Going to School Full-Time!

Now, you might be wondering why I'm telling you this true story. The reason is simple. It's because I want you to know the power of the unique business system I'm about to show you. Using this little-known system, you too can start your own profitable business from scratch, with just pocket change and as little as 20 minutes a day... and... see profits in as little as 11 days.  You don't need any infrastructure... mailing list... or even a website. You are not tied down by anything.

It is as Close to the "Perfect Business" as Anything I Know of

I'll tell you all about this
system in a moment. But first,  here are just a few of the  unique advantages of the business  I'm about to show you:

Now, you're probably wondering what kind of business could possibly have all these unique advantages. The answer is simple. I'm talking about the business of being a Joint Venture Broker.

What's a Joint Venture Broker, You Ask?

Let me explain this with a simple example: Let's say Alex is a business owner who sells fitness videos. (This method works for practically ANY business and ANY product... as you'll soon see. But let's just use fitness videos as an example.) Because of his business, Alex is always on the lookout for potential customers who want to improve their fitness. Now, say you do a little research (I'll show you exactly how), and you find out Bob is the owner of a hot mailing list that consists of fitness junkies. These people on Bob's mailing list have bought fitness products from him, and Bob has developed a good relationship with his list... so they know him, like him and trust him. So, you introduce Bob and Alex to one another, and they end up doing a Joint Venture together. Bob sends out a letter (or email) to his mailing list telling them how great Alex's fitness videos are. Because of Bob's relationship with his list, Alex ends up selling a ton of fitness videos to Bob's list... and... makes a very handsome profit with zero advertising cost. Of course, Bob gets a share of the profits for his endorsement.  But here's the best part...

YOU Get a Handsome Share of the Profits Too... Just for the Simple "Work" of "Hooking Up" Alex and Bob with One Another!

As you can see,    this business is as simple and hassle-free  as a business can be.   You don't need any products, mailing list, website or anything like that... because all that stuff is already provided by Alex and Bob. And you don't have to deal with any kind of customer service, fulfillment, inventory, refunds or any of those business hassles... because all that stuff is handled by Alex and Bob. All you have to do is "set up" the deal between Alex and Bob, and they take care of everything else for you... you just collect your check. Most importantly, this business creates a win-win-win situation for everyone involved, because...

  •  Alex wins because he sold a ton of his products with no risk and zero advertising cost.
  •  Bob wins because he gets a handsome cut of the profits just for sending out an email or a simple letter to his mailing list.
  •  The customers (from Bob's mailing list) win because they get a great deal on a quality product.
  • And of course, YOU win because you get a fat "piece of the action" just for the simple "match- making" work of introducing Alex and Bob to one another.

Joint Venture Brokering is "the Perfect Business"!

And that's exactly what I'm going to walk you through, in step-by-step detail. But first, you might be thinking...

What Qualifies You to Speak About This?

That's an excellent question -- and one I absolutely applaud you for asking (as a matter of fact, I suggest that you ask this kind of question of anyone who claims to be an expert in anything). My name is Marc Goldman. Along with my wife Terry I run a very profitable software development and marketing consulting firm. Since 1998, we have been working both online and offline to grow our business. In 2001, I did my first joint venture and it flopped miserably. It was then that I decided to work at this until I had perfected my techniques. And I did. As a matter of fact, we did so well using Joint Ventures, to grow not only our software business but also the businesses of our clients, that we decided to pour all of our time, energy and resources into using JV's to build our business. So, I no longer advertise. I don't kill myself trying to keep up with the latest search engine algorithms, or staying up all night trying to write a killer press release and then praying that it reaches an editor when he is in the right mood. I no longer submit articles to thousands of newsletters.

I Focus on One Technique and One Technique Only to Grow my Business - Joint Ventures

And we believe so firmly in this time-tested and proven practice that we wrote a bestselling book on it - called Joint Venture Secrets Revealed. We have spoken on this topic on radio shows, in magazine interviews and on teleconferences. We have presented our advanced JV secrets at many different marketing seminars and we even ran, along with our partner Alan Bechtold, our own Joint Venture seminar called The JV Summit of the Century. So we not only talk the talk, we absolutely, positively walk it. But don't take my word for it. Just take a look at what some of the world's greatest marketing minds have said about me:

Oh, by the way, did I mention that we also routinely build our business through the use of JV brokers? That's right  -  we have a dedicated team of people who are making a fortune just by brokering JV deals for us. All they do is locate the right JV partners for us and then put us together with them. Sometimes they find the right partners for our products and sometimes they bring products to us to sell to our list. And the best part of this for them? All they do is a little research and some legwork and they get a handsome cut of the profits just for putting together a winning deal! Wanna know just how well this works for my team of JV brokers?

How Does This Sound... $2,529.67 in One Day $5,386.98 in One Week

That's how much I (and other businesses) often pay JV brokers for the simple work they do.   The fact is, I LOVE paying people to broker deals for me --   because it saves me the time and effort of doing it myself. And I know my friends and tons of other business owners feel the exact same way. That's why checks and PayPal payments literally fly out of here for little more than investing some of their time and our proprietary JV techniques into getting some serious JV partners on board. Take a look at some of the payments we have sent to JV Brokers working for us.

And it gets even better: Of our team of JV brokers - not ONE of them had ever created a product, ever done a Joint Venture deal and did not have any "big name" or credibility of their own. These are regular folks just like you. All they did was approach me and ask me to teach them how to be a JV broker. And I did. I taught them my jealously-guarded secrets about brokering deals, about making that ALL IMPORTANT first contact, about how to make sure they get paid... Then I sent them on their way. Some of these mentoring students went on to become huge successes in other industries. While others chose to stay with us and promote our products and services. And what a sweet life it is: While we, and our support staff, handle all the grunt work, the technical details, the customer service, the merchant accounts, the refund requests and all the mundane tasks of running a business...our JV brokers setup sweet deal after sweet deal and profit all the way to the bank.

And They Aren't The Only Ones Cashing In...

At one time I thought that very few people were interested in learning how to broker JV deals. Boy, was I wrong on that one! When we released the first version of our course Joint Venture Secrets Revealed, our customers wrote to us in droves - demanding that we give them brokering information. So we did just that. As a matter of fact, we devoted an entire 40-page section of our course to some killer turnkey JV brokering ideas that anyone can use to build a business. We were so amazed by the positive response to this information that we began to cover more and more brokering information in our seminars and teleconferences. But it wasn't until one day, after doing a teleconference together, my good friend and marketing expert, Robert Imbriale began to ask us to help him find JV brokers for his business that we realized - there is a huge demand for this kind of informa- tion. After spending a while looking for the right person for him, we realized - there just aren't enough people who know how to make great JV deals. Robert remarked to us that   there is a lot of money being   left on the table out there because there just aren't enough knowledgeable people around to take on the JV brokering role. We all agreed that...

An Entire World Of Profits is Just Waiting for Anyone Who Wants to Broker Win-Win Joint Venture Deals!

But there was no one to train people in what it takes to become a JV broker. So, we began to mastermind with Robert to see how we could help to create and train this "New Strategic Army of JV Brokers". Here was the dilemma - the majority of people who would want to be a JV broker lead VERY BUSY LIVES. They just don't have the time to read through another 200-page course or spend a few days listening to an audiotape series. So we decided to put our brains together to develop an amazing new learning curriculum - one that could give you...

EVERYTHING You Need to Become a Highly Skilled and Incredibly Valuable JV Broker in Just a Few Hours!

Is that really possible? You better believe it is! You see - EVERYTHING I know about the ins and outs of JV brokering and everything I have instilled in my mentoring students can be condensed and concentrated into an easy to follow 3 hour presentation. Since Robert is a master interviewer - there is no other person I would want by my side as I teach this. Robert asks those pointed questions that you are dying to have answered and he leaves no stone unturned. So Robert and I joined forces and came up with an amazing program that we called...

JV Brokering Mastery

How To Master the Lost Art of JV Brokering In Just 3 Hours! Discover The 'Inside Secrets' of Brokering Earth-Shattering Joint Venture Deals for Incredible Profits!

And, by all accounts it was an AMAZING success. I laid out EVERYTHING I know about becoming a master JV dealmaker in a 3 hour program jam-packed with EVERY SINGLE ONE of my insider strategies and never before revealed secrets of becoming an unstoppable Joint Venture Dealmaker.  I'm sorry you missed it. We completely SOLD OUT all 400 seats within just a few days after we announced it. But don't worry... because every single second of this life changing 3-hours was professionally recorded and tran- scribed. And in a moment, I'll tell you exactly how you can get your hands on it. But first, here's a small sample of the secrets I revealed in this powerhouse program...

  • The one thing a JV Broker must have if they are to have even the slightest glimmer of success! If you don't get this one simple skill, ALL of your JV deals will flop!
  • How to ensure you get paid in a JV deal. The single most common mistake of any new JV Broker is that they don't know how to get guaranteed payment. If I had a dollar for every time someone didn't get paid for a JV deal...
  • The secrets to landing a "big fish" that makes your JV clients salivate. Even if you start small, eventually you're going to want to land that multi-million dollar deal... but you need these powerful secrets before you even think about seeing the cash!
  • The power of a Non-Disclosure Agreement and that critical time when you must NEVER use them. Nearly ALL of my students - at one point or another - have killed a JV deal because they used an NDA incorrectly. Don't fall for the same mistakes they did!
  • The NEER technique - use this or DIE a FAST DEATH! This is probably the quickest, simplest and easiest way to profit wildly from your first JV deal. One student of ours attributed his first six-figure deal to this technique!
  • How to get past the "Gatekeeper" - learn this ESSENTIAL skill now if you hope to make a fortune as a broker. Time after time, I see JV dealmakers fail miserably because of one person: the Gatekeeper!
  • How to determine your broker's fees. You're making people money - more money than they've ever imagined - but how will you get paid? You absolutely MUST know how much to charge up front...and how much they should pay you in ongoing royalties!
  • When to cut your losses and get out of a deal. Please hear me out - this is important - I've seen business partners and friends lose FORTUNES because they didn't know WHEN and HOW to get out of a deal.
  • The SECRET tools and resources that must be in EVERY dealmaker's arsenal - armed with these, you will NEVER fail at locating great partners. Not to mention, you'll have an unfair advantage over 99.99% of all JV brokers in the industry!
  • The forgotten art of networking - spreading your name around to get a steady flow of lucrative dealmaking offers. But you must do it in the right way, or else you may damage your relationships...permanently!
  • How to "sow seeds and plow the field" - the secret to laying the groundwork for future JV deals. This is one of the simplest and most often overlooked ways to NEVER have to worry about finding work again.
  • How to setup turnkey online JV brokering deals that bring you instant profits and beautiful passive, residual income for years and years to come! This is the TRUE secret to wealth...that almost NO ONE has understood - until now!
  • The revealing persuasion techniques you ABSOLUTELY MUST master in order to help you ease a JV client's concerns and make them trust you! Ask any multi-millionaire JV Broker and they'll tell you - TRUST is the most important factor in any JV deal! With these techniques, anyone will trust you immediately!
  • The extra skills a JV Broker must have or develop or they will wither away! In order to make consistent, reliable profits as a JV Broker, you must constantly develop certain skill sets. Finally, you'll discover the skills crucial to any JV Broker's success!
  • Plus DOZENS of TURNKEY JV Brokering ideas you can step into and make a fortune with. The best part of JV Broker- ing is that you need no money, no list and no product... and still make obscene profits!

...and that's just the tip of the iceberg! In fact, here's what just a few of our lucky attendees and future JV Brokers wrote to us after listening to the JV Broker program:

Now, on this call I not only laid out my trademarked: 10 Step System to JV Brokering Success but I also added some other incredible surprises and extras. For example: I let the people who paid for this call submit their toughest, most burning JV brokering and dealmaking questions and we answered them during the event. We also brought on some guest stars who broker JV deals on a regular daily basis who shared some of their incredible, insider tips with the listeners including:

Jason Mangrum. Jason is a 22 year-old internet marketing phenomenon who has worked with some of the biggest names in online marketing, from Marlon Sanders to Dr. Joe Vitale. Just one of the Joint Venture tactics he used for the Hypnotic Mar- keting Institute caused them to receive over 30,000 visitors to their site in a single day. And we also heard from... Peter Jarocki. Peter is a brilliant young Australian JV broker who helped us and other famous online marketers such as Mike Litman, Kent Sayre, Tom Hua and others set up lucrative JV deals. He is light years ahead of most JV dealmakers. Peter's ideas and marketing tech- niques come across as super advanced but are so simple to implement they will have you scratching your head wondering why you didn't think of that beforehand. There was also a LIVE Q & A session where we covered anything that wasn't clear and answered anything that was on the listeners minds during the event. (This was live and on-the-spot JV brainstorming at its very best). And just to make sure you REALLY get all the skills and tactics we give you on the call, your course even includes  the complete word-for-word transcripts of the entire call, for your easy reference.

How Much is All this "Insider" Information Worth to You?

Here's something important you should know: Your JV Brokering Mastery Home-Study Program contains EVERY last secret I know about how to quickly and easily profit from JV brokering. This incredibly easy to implement program even includes all the advanced JV brokering secrets that took me over 6 years of trial-and-error (plus tens of thousands of dollars worth of expensive mistakes) to learn. In fact, many of these secrets are so powerful, I've even been reluctant to reveal them to my proteges who were brokering JV deals for ME! For example: remember Jason Cox -- the 19-year-old kid I told you about at the beginning of this letter? He worked with me for a FULL YEAR, brokering JV deals, before he managed to "coax" a few of these advanced secrets out of me. And yet... even though at that time he only knew a fraction of these secrets... he still made over $2,000 within 72 hours, on his VERY FIRST stab at JV brokering. So just imagine what you can accomplish when you have ALL these advanced secrets at your disposal! And don't just imagine it...use this simple calculator to estimate how much you could potentially make as a JV Broker.

Number of JV Deals You Broker per Month
Average Amount Earned per JV Deal
Weekly Income Monthly Income Yearly Income

So How Much Does This All Cost?

Well, you could spend 6 years of your life, and spend tens of thousands of dollars making expensive mistakes, trying to figure everything out on your own (like I did). Or, you could be like Jason -- he worked with me as my protege for a full year, before he "coaxed" my jealously-guarded secrets out of me. How much is 365 days of your time worth? Even if you only value your time at a measly $10 a day, that's still a $3,650.00 price tag. (That's not to say it wasn't worth it -- IT IS. Because now, whenever Jason feels like it, he can put together a deal with less than an hour's work, and have thousands of dollars pouring into his bank account almost instantly. You could spend over $100,000 and 4 years of your life going through college, and you still won't have anything close to this kind of moneymaking power.) Of course, you could have me teach you these secrets directly, but that would cost you my consulting rate of $1,750.00 per hour. Considering there's 3 jam-packed hours worth of my JV Brokering secrets in your Home-Study Program, that would set you back at least $5,250.00 (and that's assuming you know the right questions to ask.) But why not learn these secrets the quick, easy and smart way? You can have all my super-profitable JV Brokering secrets instantly delivered to you on a silver platter, for just a tiny fraction of that amount.

Here's the Special Deal We've Worked Out for You

Normally, this course sells for $297. But if you're among the first future brokers to claim your JV Brokering Mastery Home-Study Program, I'll slash your investment in this amazing audio training series to just that's $250 less than what everyone else has to pay. What's more...

I GUARANTEE You'll Make at Least 10 Times Your Investment in This Program... the Very First Time You Use the Secrets I Reveal to You! If you don't, I'll give you a full 100% refund on the spot. That's how much I believe in the power of Joint Venture Brokering. Look, you can't find these secrets anywhere else. I should know -- I've invested in just about every course there is on the topic of Joint Ventures. So if $47 sounds expensive to you, then this system is probably not for you. I want this information to be in the hands of serious students only... real players who can recognize that $47 is an absolute steal to master this critical skill, that you can use to potentially...

Pull Money Out of Thin Air, Anytime You Want, for the Rest of Your Life!

But wait, it gets better still... When you order you'll also receive a FREE BONUS that I have never sold or given away ANY- WHERE's a manuscript detailing all the insider joint venture secrets of one of the smartest marketers in the world - someone who makes  over 1.4 million dollars a month! This information is priceless and I am the ONLY person on earth who has the rights to it. You CANNOT get this information anywhere else! But Wait... There's More! You'll also receive a certificate for a...

FREE JV Brokering Critique

Now, you must understand something: many of the world's most profitable companies seek my consultation on joint ventures - and often ask me to broker JV deals for them. With this JV Brokering Critique Certificate, I'll share everything I know about brokering JV's with you and tear apart, dissect, and dramatically improve your JV deal. Many people around the world would pay thousands for such a critique, but you'll get it absolutely FREE if you order today.

  • The entire JV Brokering Mastery Program professionally recorded on 3 Audio MP3's so you can get access immediately and listen to it as many times as you want. ($297 value)
  • The complete word-for-word transcripts of the entire program. So you can highlight, underline, print out and dog-ear the pages, and do whatever it takes to make sure you turn this information into cold, hard cash! ($97 value)
  • FREE secret manuscript containing the most advanced joint venture marketing strategies on the planet -- that have consistently made this person over $1.4 million a month! ($500 value)
  • FREE JV Brokering Critique Certificate by yours truly. Imagine how much more money you'll make after you and I sit down and critique one of your brokering deals. I don't EVER give personal sessions like this - and if I do, I charge at least $1,750 per hour. But if you claim your program now, you'll have my undivided attention. ($997 value)

That's a $1,891.00 value you're getting, including the FREE bonuses!

Quite frankly, I don't know of any businesses that are as low-risk/high-return as becoming a JV Broker. If a 19 year-old college kid can make over $2,000.00 on his very first try (with just a fraction of these secrets), imagine what you could do when you get your hands on this entire collection of closely-guarded secrets. And to put my money where my mouth is, I'll give you my....

Iron-Clad, 60-Day, 10-Times-Your-Money Guarantee!

Get your copy of JV Brokering Mastery today, and take up to a full 60 days to examine it and use it to your heart's content. If you don't make at least 10 TIMES your investment in this course, on the very first time you try out these secrets ... or... if you're not satisfied with your course for any reason... ...I'll give you a fast and courteous 100% refund. And you can even KEEP the bonus manuscript for your trouble! Remember, you're taking on absolutely no risk here. I want you to put my strategies to the test and make them work for you. If at any point, you're not convinced this is the best investment in yourself and your business you've ever made - or you simply don't think it's right for you - I want to give you your money back.

"Okay, Marc...I'm Ready To Write My Own Ticket As A JV Broker...How Do I Take Action
and Get Started?"

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You really can live a lavish, enviable lifestyle as a JV Broker. The only thing keeping you from raking in thousands of dollars in the next 90 days is not taking the few hours out of your day to learn and apply these secrets. Think about it. Just a few days from now, you can be on your way to finally achieving your financial dreams. To Your Ultimate Success,

P.S. Remember, I guarantee you'll make at least 10 times your investment in this course the very first time you use my system... or you pay nothing. So Click here to order now.   P.P.S. Be sure to claim your package now to get exclusive access to the bonus "secret manual". It details the advanced Joint Venture strategies of a marketing genius who makes over $1.4 million a month, and I'm the only one who owns it. To be candid, this information is so powerful, I don't want it getting into the hands of too many people, because I'm tempted to keep it to myself. So in order to get your hands on this top-secret manuscript, you have to act fast. Click here to order now.   P.P.P.S. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions…